Social Media Marketing

Are you on Facebook?  If yes, quit playing around and get back to work.

Seriously, it’s ok, but let’s change the direction for a moment and focus on how the most popular social media site is also one of the biggest lead generation tools for small businesses. Facebook pages for business give your followers an easy way to keep up with your current happenings, promotions and events. When set up properly, you can drive visitors from your Facebook page to your website and convert them to customers.

Having a Facebook page and expecting customers to come is not like it used to be. Beginning in October 2013 Facebook began to make changes in their news feed delivery system to favor paid advertisers over organic non-promoted posts. Their claim is they want to deliver more relevant content to their users but the truth is veiled as a new pay-to-play arrangement. What does this mean for your business? You still need to provide valuable, relevant content for your followers but to get your message out some paid advertising is necessary.

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